Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs

“Sam Cash’s song writing captures a youthful angst, filtered through a compassionate eye… confident, natural use of simple, eloquent language that you’d expect from someone with many more years behind them” – Hawksley Workman

Heralded for being a promising up and coming youngster after the release of his debut record, Teenage Hunger, Sam Cash has undoubtedly hit his stride with Stand Together, Fall Together and is here to stay.

Here’s what he has to say about his upcoming release:

The Romantic dogs are myself, Aaron Comeau, Matt Bailey, and Kyle Sullivan. Out of 30 songs, we chose the 11 that represent us as we are, right now. We’re loud, we’re scrappy, we make mistakes when we play-but we’re buddies. These songs transmit a feeling-a sort of excitement. That feeling you get when you’re 20, and it’s the summer time, and you have no idea what is going to happen next-you’re scared of girls, but you find them anyway; you’re no good in social situations, but you end up making people laugh regardless; you don’t think you’ll ever be able to hold down a job, but you blink and all of the sudden you have two of them. These songs are about growing up-about following your passion, which they don’t tell you will be more complicated and keep you up later than any all night essay writing binge (yes-I still have a year to go at Ryerson). They are about navigating the adult world to the best of ones ability, without breaking too many hearts, including your own.

Looking back on my childhood, there always seemed to be a buzz of excitement-my mom managed a handful of bands that became mainstays on the Canadian circuit in the 90′s, and my dad was in a few bands that toured around a lot. No one had time to relax-it was always go go go. As an only child for most of my life, I just got caught up in the shuffle-I went where the business meetings were, I went where the sound-checks were, I went where the rock and roll was.

With what’s going on at Cameron House Records I feel the same kind of excitement I remember as a kid growing up in a rock and roll family. These guys have fostered a community that I am honored to be apart of. When I first started playing in high school, all I wanted was a crew of rock and rollers who wanted to work hard and get things done. I romanticized the idea of being able to walk into a place and feel the warmth of familiar faces all trying to accomplish the same goal. There’s healthy competition within this group, sure. People aren’t afraid to tell you you’re full of shit-but there’s also mutual admiration and respect for your peers. These guys make you want to be better. They make you want to be a better person, a better musician, and a better songwriter.

For this record, we made the journey out to Toronto Island and holed ourselves up at The Gas Station. Dale Morningstar engineered half of the record–who I have really admired for his work with Gord Downie, Julie Doiron, and Thrush Hermit–and Romantic Dog guitarist Matt Bailey did the other half. It only took us a few days to lay everything down-with the odd overdub done at my apartment. After getting a few different people to try mixing the record, we ended up going with our pal Guillermo Saubaste, who does great work with The Sadies. And I guess that’s the whole story. I hope you have as much fun listening to these songs as we did making them.